Stefan Kohlbrecher skohlbr Energy Robotics Darmstadt, Germany

nkoenig/pioneer3at_demo 3

Pioneer3AT demo

skohlbr/astrobee 1

NASA Astrobee Robot Software

skohlbr/Autoware 1

Open-source software for urban autonomous driving.

johmau85/hector_tedusar_workshop 0

Joint workshop Hector/TEDUSAR June 2014

Magnusgaertner/industrial_moveit 0

ROS-Industrial movit meta-package (

Magnusgaertner/moveit 0

The MoveIt! motion planning framework

Magnusgaertner/RoboND-Kinematics-Project 0

Pick and Place project for RoboND Term 1

romayiii/robotiq 0

ROS-Industrial robotiq meta-package.

skohlbr/A-LOAM 0

Advanced implementation of LOAM

skohlbr/AB3DMOT 0

Official python implementation for "A Baseline for 3D Multi-Object Tracking"


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fork skohlbr/direct_lidar_odometry

Direct LiDAR Odometry: Fast Localization with Dense Point Clouds

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push eventtu-darmstadt-ros-pkg/traversability_estimation

Alexander Reimann

commit sha 62190e3637d26abe9f99e1f32edf11a09097b45f

[FuseFilter] Fix crash if filter layer does not exist

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Alexander Reimann

commit sha 9b80945ff5760dc79b2ab7f3a6631c9084bc57cc

[traversability_estimation] Skip slope check if no slope layer exists

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Stefan Kohlbrecher

commit sha c8a1d9554086180e8c08d155a03c285c24213142

Merge pull request #2 from AlexReimann/arei-flexible_filter More flexible filters

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PR merged tu-darmstadt-ros-pkg/traversability_estimation

More flexible filters

Allows disabling the slope filter by adding checks.

Does not break any functionality.

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fork skohlbr/allan_variance_ros

ROS compatible tool to generate Allan Deviation plots

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fork skohlbr/ct_icp

Continuous Time LiDAR odometry

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fork skohlbr/W-LOAM

A ros package for robust odometry and mapping using LiDAR with aid of different sensors

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issue commenttu-darmstadt-ros-pkg/hector_rviz_overlay

How to start using the HRI

Credit where credit is due, @StefanFabian is the main developer of this repo, I'm just vaguely related ;) I'm sure he'll get back to you.


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push eventtu-darmstadt-ros-pkg/hector_camera_control

Stefan Kohlbrecher

commit sha 05b7903e49a8b80cd8f8ea570ee9506c503468ea

Add param for wait time in direct cam pointing mode

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