Sina sinjax University of Southampton Southampton, UK

danielpreotiuc/twitter-collection-utils 15

Twitter data collection scripts

sinjax/bassinvaders 5

A little idea

sinjax/dbscan 5

A matlab implementation of dbscan

po0ya/tensorflow_vgg_face 2

Face embeddings of VGG-Face network in tensorflow.

sinjax/constrained_santa 2

a secret santa library that supports contraints (i.e. participants which must not be assigned other ones, or themselves)

sinjax/ftlmerge 2

A utility class for reading/writing the FTL prof.sav file (version 4) and a tool to merge two instances

jonhare/WAISFest13 1

WAISFest13 Flickr Visualisation

sinjax/hadoop-tutorial-demos 1

A few mapreduce tools that go with a hadoop tutorial I give

daviesjamie/soton-mediaeval2013 0

Solutions for the MediaEval 2013 Benchmarking Initiative

sinjax/CakeCam 0

Takes fotos of cake yo