brownsys/X-Trace 29

X-Trace is a tool that provides fine-grained visibility into large, complex distributed systems. It can be used by application developers as well as network operators to debug and develop distributed systems.

hackatbrown/apis 12

Let's bring Brown's data into the 21st century.

brownsys/brownsys-hadoop 2

Old Brownsys Hadoop repository. Inactive. Use brownsys/hadoop for latest.

shk3/pymodules 1

Fork of Brown CCV's Environment Modules system by Mark Howison et al. at

brownsys/brownsys-hbase 0

Mirror of Apache HBase

brownsys/brownsys-zookeeper 0

Brown University Systems Group fork of ZooKeeper, for PANE (Andrew Ferguson) and RETRO (Jonathan Mace)

shk3/assembly-score-system 0

Student score recording system by Assembly.

shk3/BIRCH 0

Python implementation of the BIRCH agglomerative clustering algorithm

shk3/bowtie2 0

A fast and sensitive gapped read aligner


started time in 4 days

fork shk3/twofa

A TouchID-aware 2-factor authenticator for macOS

fork in a month


started time in 2 months