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Ken Shirriff shirriff California Restored Apollo Guidance Computer, Xerox Alto. Reverse-engineering old chips. Analog computing. Added ₿ to Unicode. Charger teardowns. Arduino IRremote library.

Arduino-IRremote/Arduino-IRremote 3353

Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols

shirriff/Arduino-TV-B-Gone 136

The TV-B-Gone software ported to the Arduino platform

shirriff/bitcoin-code 128

Python example code for "Bitcoins the hard way: Using the raw Bitcoin protocol"

shirriff/alto-bitcoin 22

Bitcoin mining on the Xerox Alto

shirriff/fpga-fizzbuzz 16

Implementation of FizzBuzz on an FPGA

shirriff/alto-mandel 15

Mandelbrot for Xerox Alto, written in BCPL

shirriff/alto-ethernet-interface 14

Interface to Xerox Alto's 3 Mb/s Ethernet

shirriff/pru-blink 11

Blink demo, showing how to use the PRU microcontroller on the PocketBeagle

shirriff/GBC-audio-chip 10

Reverse-engineered schematics for the IR3R53 audio amplifier chip used in the Game Boy Color

shirriff/rope-simulator 8

Documentation of a core rope memory simulator for the Apollo Guidance Computer

issue commentcircuitikz/circuitikz

Improve logic gate shapes (American OR/AND/XOR) to match standard symbols

@jason-s: I was looking for "official" information on gate symbols and your research here was very helpful.


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