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sheriffderek/basic-style 1

a carefully considered set of style rules to make baby-talking to computers, notably more fun.

perpetual-education/covid-local-business-template 0

A simple webpage template to help businesses craft a clear message during the COVID-19 pandemic

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ACF Field Type Template

sheriffderek/api-design-node-v2 0

Code and exercises for API Design in Node.js, v2: REST & GraphQL

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[Course] API design in Node with Express v3

sheriffderek/awesome-ember 0

A curated list of awesome Ember.js things

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Footer should be viewable

@dev-dull let's see a prototype.


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Add information for new users about how this works

This is a great example of why we don't "welcome" people to ember well.


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issue commentjsfiddle/jsfiddle-issues

console.time() is not supported

Does this parameter need to be args

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 8 28 04 AM


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issue commentjsfiddle/jsfiddle-issues

console.assert broken via JSFiddle

Just turn off the custom console in JSFiddle settings for now.

I can turn it off in future fiddles - but I'm not going to go into 600+ past fiddles and do that.


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issue openedjsfiddle/jsfiddle-issues

console.clear is not a function

Not sure when - but a little while back - console methods besides log seem to have been removed -

I often start my JS with a console.clear() in the fiddles. Now that method doesn't exist.

This will probably render hundreds of thousands of StackOverflow/Slack/Quora/Discord/ - examples - white-screen / broken. Yikes!

I didn't really foresee that! but - maybe I shouldn't have counted it?

Here's an example:

Is this purposeful? I read somewhere that you could add the functionality back in with a script - but It wouldn't make sense to go back and add that to

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issue commentjsfiddle/jsfiddle-issues

console.time() is not supported

I think that "console" - as an object... has changed.

console.clear() - also gets this error --

This will effectively render all my past fiddles broken! LOL


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