shaundma/autodiscover.xml 0

Provides Autodiscover capabilities for IMAP/SMTP services on Microsoft Outlook/Apple Mail and Autoconfig capabilities for Thunderbird

shaundma/cdbt 0

Custom DataBase Tables plugin is for WordPress

shaundma/hello-world 0

Just another repo

shaundma/loadavg 0

Server Monitoring & Analytics

shaundma/mbt-video-search 0

This system searches in the MBT video transcripts from youtube.

shaundma/php-epp-client 0

Object-oriented PHP EPP Client

shaundma/phpservermon 0

PHP Server Monitor

shaundma/playbooks 0

Ansible playbooks

shaundma/poweradmin 0

A web-based control panel for PowerDNS

shaundma/PowerDNS-Admin 0

A PowerDNS web interface with advanced features