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shapeshed/dotfiles 60

dotfiles and config stuff

shapeshed/counter 36

Realtime counter with node.js, and smoothie.js

shapeshed/connect-force-domain 9

Connect Middleware to force visitors onto a single domain

shapeshed/arthur 5

Arthur is a Twitter Retweet Robot written in Perl

shapeshed/bin 5

Assorted shell scripts

shapeshed/ee-capistrano 5

My capistrano recipe for ExpressionEngine

shapeshed/ckeditor.ee_addon 4

Converts EE Textareas to a CKEditor Rich Text Box

shapeshed/css_xhtml.framework 4

A initial framework for creating XTHML / CSS layouts

shapeshed/css3-rgba 3

A demonstration showing RGBa colour values in CSS3

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George Ornbo

commit sha c24322de2c935b007c2c578fbbdbaef390f39a2e

Add spanish translation

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