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Sylvain Guillope sguillope @atlassian Sydney, Australia

hectr/ErrorKit 97

iOS library for making NSError handling easier

sguillope/HMSegmentedControlTest 1


sguillope/jmeter-maven-plugin 1

The JMeter Maven Plugin

sguillope/aws-nodejs-sample-codebuild 0

Sample NodeJS code for the hands-on CI/CD lab of the Deployment section.

sguillope/brave-aws-sqs-instrumentation-npe 0

Demonstrates NPE issue with Brave AWS instrumentation on retries

sguillope/CocoaPods 0

The Cocoa Dependency Manager.

sguillope/cocoapods-downloader 0

A small library that provides downloaders for various source types (HTTP/SVN/Git/Mercurial)

sguillope/distributed-lock 0

Distributed locking with Spring

sguillope/fastai 0

The fastai deep learning library, plus lessons and and tutorials

sguillope/flyway 0

Flyway • Database Migrations Made Easy.

issue commentresilience4j/resilience4j

Propagate distributed tracing information across Thread pool bulkhead

Not sure how Spring Sleuth stores context in ThreadLocal, but the SLf4j MDC context is automatically copied by our ContextAwareScheduledThreadPoolExecutor

AFAICT this doesn't seem to be used for a ThreadPoolBulkhead though (using v1.7) so we still have to implement our own MDC ContextPropagator. It's not difficult but would be nice if it was there out of the box.

Similar to what the original poster asked which I feel is left unresolved, it would be great if the executors were maybe somehow registered as beans so they would be automatically instrumented by other frameworks like Spring Cloud Sleuth.


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