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Samuel Goodwin sgoodwin Roundwall Software Amsterdam Bikes, skateboards, skates. I run Roundwall Software and volunteer for Appsterdam.

sgoodwin/DevBot 9

Automated builds of Xcode projects.

sgoodwin/CLIProject 2

An attempt to make something for easily building your command line app/driver in Objective-C

sgoodwin/Deep-Linking-Attempt 2

Trying to link to specific parts of an application.

sgoodwin/AppEngine 1

A web-service to make it convenient to use Sparkle for your desktop apps.

sgoodwin/Cappuccino-Hello 1

My first attempt at Cappuccino

sgoodwin/CoreDataTest 1

Demonstrates using Core Data with SwiftUI

sgoodwin/CustomSectionHeaders 1

An iPad app to test custom section headers.

sgoodwin/CustomViewExample 1

An example of using custom views. Wheee

sgoodwin/Dinosaurs 1

A command line Swift app to help find dinosaur RSS feeds on your Feedwrangler account


started time in 2 months