Seth Wilson sethwilsonUS Legally blind coder with interests in NLP, accessibility, and word games.

sethwilsonUS/codespeak 135

A web-based speech-to-code editor for humans.

sethwilsonUS/dad_bot 1

A dead simple mobile app written in Flutter that tells dad jokes.

sethwilsonUS/coolsite 0

A cool Game of Thrones website

sethwilsonUS/DiscordDadBot 0

Dad Jokes for Discord

sethwilsonUS/ez-interpreter 0

Simple command interpreter written in Java.

sethwilsonUS/freeCodeCamp 0

The open source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code and help nonprofits.

sethwilsonUS/furuikeya 0

Procedural Haiku generation with Twitter API 1.1

sethwilsonUS/gatsby-starter-blog 0

Gatsby starter for creating a blog

sethwilsonUS/gimmie-sticker 0

Trade a Pull Request for a Sticker

sethwilsonUS/github-search 0

A simple JavaScript GitHub search app.