Ricardo Seromenho seromenho @appliedblockchain Portimão, Portugal

seromenho/Slim-Skeleton 5

Slim Framework skeleton application

seromenho/corona-storyboard 1

Corona Storyboard usage sample template.

seromenho/apollo-cache-persist 0

🎏 Simple persistence for all Apollo Cache implementations

seromenho/apollo-server 0

🌍 GraphQL server for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa and more

seromenho/app-test 0

test a github app

seromenho/cgeo 0

c:geo - The powerful Android geocaching app.

seromenho/chart-mixmax-app 0

Chart enhancement for Mixmax

seromenho/configstore 0

Easily load and persist config without having to think about where and how

seromenho/Corona-SDK-Screen-Transitions-Example 0

An example showing how to do screen transitions in Corona SDK using 2 screens + screen cast.

seromenho/docker-aws 0

Dockerized AWS CLI

pull request commentsequelize/sequelize

WIP: Feat/get raw sql

@sdepold updated the RP and it's now against main branch. 👍


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push eventseromenho/sequelize

Márton Csordás

commit sha 44784fca277320dd5a2373d6b26db4146d053c7c

docs: fix typo in the associations docs (#12438)

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commit sha eca352414afe4cd7baed08ede4f2c5589f8e77e1

build: esdoc build can't parse comments

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commit sha d346a08864ad1587e3ca91d9366415ab8ac92337

build: appveyor fix

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commit sha 9358a1325939ccb5d29e4006fb4e923785d9fc61

build: enable ci for v6

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commit sha 90e60b171b0fec7137defaf620bd44778e50626c

build: enable appveyor ci for v6

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commit sha 945af927db60e964eba7e344665ed0594ee63231

build: use release.branches

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Chris Northwood

commit sha 9a45509e3f4b23b957a195190dd989ea33cae8d8

fix(types): update SaveOptions type to include Hookable (#12441) (#12444)

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Patrick Carnahan

commit sha 4d82907d56ef28f6ddd5a29c16bac7a64271ff91

fix(mssql): upsert query with falsey values (#12453) (#12459)

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Constantin Metz

commit sha 5cabcbc87fbc12d234fbc1d67632a86e6d975f39

feat(types): Add ModelDefined type as syntactic sugar (#12445)

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Tommy Odom

commit sha 631f555cc92b9629a8c7678e330e3492cdee31c7

fix: use lodash _baseIsNative directly instead of _.isNative (#12358) (#12475) (#12480)

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Juarez Lustosa

commit sha 45d9c2260387894b3d20cb4ca25845df944974dd

docs: add unique: false to belongs_to_many (#12481)

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Ariel Barabas

commit sha 96f4166afc86dc773ac0886bf10d82d446cfa0e1

fix(upsert): set isNewRecord to false when upserting (#12447) (#12485)

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Daan Roet

commit sha ec2af0d926cda598c938c7fd4c799e6e2331f9e7

fix: mark database drivers as optional peer dependencies (#12484)

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Juarez Lustosa

commit sha 4b2e76749930c04826e8d8f24e105f1290f6be77

doc: Add install tsc on configuration (#12510)

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Hyunyoung Cho

commit sha b0e6f03975c4b4b90303e8b04033354059142593

docs(advanced-many-to-many): add missing `await` (#12533)

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Bagus Budi Cahyono

commit sha 45ec1a22c3a48891a156e2c1b2b5374a1bba6f35

docs(naming-strategies): fix user model name user (#12576)

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commit sha 62f19114b9b71f3240452ab9c1d38c6cb0dce702

docs(migrations): add example for conditional unique index (#12578) Co-authored-by: Valentin Almeida--Lemaire <> Co-authored-by: Pedro Augusto de Paula Barbosa <>

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Fernando Maia

commit sha 6c99ba01ba0f793d138cc98fef00df8e524ba5b2

docs(raw-queries): update broken link (#12542)

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Pedro Augusto de Paula Barbosa

commit sha 490db410e33241158f7d8a7cdeffbf3766af731c

fix(model): handle `true` timestamp fields correctly (#12580) (#12581) Co-authored-by: Pedro Augusto de Paula Barbosa <> Co-authored-by: Vishal Sood <>

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commit sha 933b3f62640e218587d34ec141029b2416ff7845

fix(truncate): fix missing `await` in truncate all models with cascade (#12664)

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