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Greg Pfeil sellout @kitty-hawk Boulder, CO, USA Designing terrible languages and writing Haskell. Sometimes writing code to help my other pursuits … like skiing or telling time.

dhall-lang/dhall-lang 3270

Maintainable configuration files

dhall-lang/dhall-haskell 750

Maintainable configuration files

higherkindness/droste 308

recursion schemes for cats; to iterate is human, to recurse, divine

nuttycom/xenomorph 103

Scala library for free applicative schemas capable of parsing/rendering JSON data structures.

sellout/CL-LLVM 87

CFFI bindings for LLVM

sellout/dada 57

A recursion scheme library for Dhall.

sellout/caterwaul 49

Modeling categories in Dhall.

mossprescott/invertible-syntax 31

Invertible syntax and partial isomorphisms for Scala

sellout/category-parametric-talk 22

Talks on category-parametric programming.