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Sean Omlor seanomlor @statmuse Asheville, NC HTTPster

FilterKaapi/pandex 52

Lightweight Elixir wrapper for Pandoc. Convert Markdown, CommonMark, HTML, Latex... to HTML, HTML5, opendocument, rtf, texttile, asciidoc, markdown, json and others

seanomlor/active-record-lite 3

Academic experiment in building a minimal version of Rails ActiveRecord

seanomlor/composable-functional-javascript 3

Composable Functional JavaScript by Professor Frisby

seanomlor/advent-of-code-2017 2

Advent of Code 2017

seanomlor/atom-language-lfe 1

Lisp Flavored Erlang (LFE) support for the Atom editor.

seanomlor/analytics-elixir 0 library for Elixir

seanomlor/asari 0

a Ruby wrapper for AWS CloudSearch.

seanomlor/asdf-nodejs 0

Node.js plugin for asdf version manager


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