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samiz-dat/samiz-dat 50

The beginings of a distributed library of libraries.

samiz-dat/dat-cardcat 16

An aggregated card catalogue for many Calibre libraries

sdockray/dat-syllabus 14

Peer-to-peer markdown syllabus platform for Beaker Browser.

sdockray/casanova-plugin 5

Calibre plugin for Casanova metadata server

sdockray/dat-collections 3

collections inside of a dat

sdockray/dat-hansard 3

Scrapes the Open Australia data for the purpose of creating Dat archives of it.

e-e-e/dat-http-proxy 2

A tool for replicating dats stored at static http/s web addresses

e-e-e/open-packaging-format 2

A simple opf metadata parser

create barnchsdockray/word-processor

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created repositorysdockray/word-processor

Unnatural Language Processing

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