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Scott Anderson scottanderson Boston

scottanderson/android-async-http 3

An Asynchronous HTTP Library for Android

scottanderson/android 1

Misc Android stuff

scottanderson/Android-ViewPagerIndicator 1

Paging indicator widget compatible with the ViewPager from the Compatibility Library and ActionBarSherlock. Ported and enhanced from Patrik Åkerfeldt's ViewFlow.

scottanderson/android_device_motorola_targa 1

repo for the Droid Bionic

scottanderson/android_vendor_cyanogen 1

CyanogenMod Android vendor tree

scottanderson/DMUpdater 1

DroidMod Updater

scottanderson/notchdecoder 1

Special decoder for an image Notch created

scottanderson/QuasselDroid 1

Quasselclient for Android

scottanderson/todo.txt-touch 1

An Android application for managing your todo.txt file stored in Dropbox.

scottanderson/adbsync 0

Tool for syncing files to/from Android devices


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fork ginatrapani/automated_dollar_cost_averaging_with_coinbasepro

In this project, we'll automate regular crypto purchases on a schedule of your choosing... without the bulbous fees.

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