mojombo/grit 1890

**Grit is no longer maintained. Check out libgit2/rugged.** Grit gives you object oriented read/write access to Git repositories via Ruby.

isaacs/github 1811

Just a place to track issues and feature requests that I have for github

ruby-git/ruby-git 1493

Ruby/Git is a Ruby library that can be used to create, read and manipulate Git repositories by wrapping system calls to the git binary.

mojombo/tomdoc 326

A flexible code documentation specification with human readers in mind.

geoffgarside/cocoagit 83

An Objective-C/Foundation implementation of the Git version control software.

schacon/asgit 40

ActionScript Git library and browser implementation

hg-git/ 37

The official Hg-Git Mercurial plugin homepage

jm/we_the_people 13

API client for the White House's We The People petition application

nakajima/rip 13

Ruby's Intelligent Packaging

bpo/resque 12

A simple Redis-based queue.

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