google/xsecurelock 668

X11 screen lock utility with security in mind

schachmat/ingo 34

persistent storage for flags in go

schachmat/gods 31

dwm status script written in Go

google/go-patchutils 19

go-patchutils is a library written in Go to show differences in source and diff files.

schachmat/mvgo 11

public transport departures

schachmat/gotr 9

Off-the-record messaging for group conversations

schachmat/mango 5

serves man pages as html via local http

schachmat/dwm 3

my own dwm config

schachmat/gobular 1

ascii table rendering for Go

schachmat/materialize 1

automatic host config bootstrapping

PR opened google/xsecurelock

Update xscreensaver programs path

Upstream xscreensaver is using /usr/libexec instead of /usr/lib since version 4.21

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