Saurabh Sarkar saurabsa @Microsoft Redmond

saurabsa/YoutTubeInsider 1

YouTubeInsider Tool for Visual Studio 2015

saurabsa/azure-cli 0

Command-line tools for Azure.

saurabsa/azure-cli-extensions 0

Public Repository for Extensions of Azure CLI 2.0

saurabsa/azure-cli-old 0

Command-line tools for Azure.

saurabsa/Cognitive-Speech-TTS 0

Microsoft Text-to-Speech API Android SDK and sample code in several languages, part of Cognitive Services.

saurabsa/colorful-vision 0

A Colorful vision

saurabsa/dev-spaces 0

Azure Dev Spaces is an Azure developer service that helps teams develop with speed on Kubernetes.

saurabsa/dotnet-docker 0

This repo contains the base Docker images for working with .NET Core and the .NET Core Tools.

saurabsa/omnisharp-vscode 0

Official C# support for Visual Studio Code (powered by OmniSharp)