Joseph Booker sargas Neoturbine Chicago, Illinois

astropy/pyregion 34

ds9 region parser for python

sargas/expr 3

Evaluate mathematical expressions in Java - Fork of darius's library, slightly nicer (IMHO) api with some plans on making it very approximate at the cost of accuracy.

sargas/autolycus 2

Autolycus is a simple program for viewing Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Ohio State University (TRIPS), and New York City Transit (MTA) bus stop predictions from the Android home screen. MTA has only rolled out support for M16 and M34 routes so far.

sargas/chitransit 2

Program for openmoko-based phones for downloading/displaying CTA and PACE information

sargas/chibustrack 1

Firefox extension using the CTA's official bus tracker API to display service bulletins and bus arrival times.

sargas/Horus 1

Mother of all graphing calculators for Android. Or, at least, that is the intention someday. Currently generates an orbit digram for the map generated by A*x*(1-x^2), hardcoded in.

sargas/neoturbineapi 1

Collection of scripts for the NeoturbineNet community

sargas/network-rank 1

Little script for analyzing scrapped results as obtained from

sargas/oh-my-zsh 1

A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes optional plugins for various tools (rails, git, OSX, brew,...), over 40 terminal themes, and an auto-updating tool so that you can keep up with the latest improvements from the community.