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sarbyn/ardudroid-bt-test 1

Test project for Arduino <-> Android Bluetooth communication

sarbyn/push 1

Kamailio Push notification module

sarbyn/acra 0

Application Crash Reports for Android

sarbyn/android-database-sqlcipher 0

Android SQLite API based on SQLCipher

sarbyn/android_device_samsung_jf-common 0

Device tree for European Qualcomm Samsung Galaxy S 4 Value Edition (GT-I9515)

sarbyn/android_device_samsung_jfvelte 0

Device tree for Galaxy S4 Value Edition (I9515)

sarbyn/codice-fiscale 0

Yet Another Codice Fiscale Calculator

issue commentgreenrobot/EventBus

AndroidX support

Any update about this issue? Like others developers, this is the last legacy dependencies in our project. Can someone suggest us a modern alternatives to eventBus for android project?


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