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samuelmeuli/mini-diary 850

📘 Simple and secure journal app

samuelmeuli/glance 838

🔎 All-in-one Quick Look plugin

samuelmeuli/action-electron-builder 385

:electron: GitHub Action for building and releasing Electron apps

samuelmeuli/react-magnifier 128

🔍 React image zoom component

samuelmeuli/font-picker 119

✏️ Font selector component for Google Fonts

samuelmeuli/font-picker-react 106

✏️ Font selector component for Google Fonts

samuelmeuli/action-maven-publish 74

📦 GitHub Action for automatically publishing Maven packages

samuelmeuli/lyrics-poster 49

🎤 Create posters of your favorite artists, written in their lyrics

samuelmeuli/action-snapcraft 32

🐦 GitHub Action for setting up Snapcraft

samuelmeuli/quick-start 27

⚡ Bookmark-based browser start page