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Samuel Chandra samchandra Singapore Full stack engineer working on enterprise web and mobile projects in Singapore.

samchandra/Fonts 4

iOS App to list IOS fonts made using RubyMotion

samchandra/dindi 3

Dindi another hit from Sinatra

samchandra/SCHelpers 2

Helper classes for cutting down time taken to implement common iphone development task

samchandra/pups 1

Go project generator with optional docker and apex up configuration

samchandra/zing 1

Zing is Sinatra code generator

samchandra/albums 0

Learning React Native from Udemy course

samchandra/baseimage-ruby-mysql 0

Docker baseimage with ruby and mysql

samchandra/cronies 0

Simple gem to prevent cron-ing your ruby script multiple times by using simple file based locking.

samchandra/dotvim 0

.vim folder containing all plugins and settings for Vim