Sam Calvert samcal San Francisco, CA, USA

samcal/angular-elm-components 13

Write Angular components in Elm

mkrum/Jamocracy 6

Jamocracy - a web service that allows parties to interact with a spotify playlist through text

samcal/brutus 1

The web client for creed

samcal/HN2Kindle 1

Downloads and converts all articles from the Hacker News frontpage to Kindle format.

samcal/angularfire 0

AngularJS bindings for Firebase

samcal/data 0

A data persistence library for Ember.js.

samcal/dataloader-rs 0

Rust implementation of Facebook's DataLoader using futures.

samcal/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

samcal/diet 0

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