Cyril Sadovnik sadovnik тута здеся 👁

pldin601/php-result 2

Abstraction that represents result of something

sadovnik/numerus-unus-app 2

👋⚛📱 Et incipiat iter.

sadovnik/converter 1

A toy project for improvement design skills supported by Hexlet community

sadovnik/fs 1

A simple filesystem interface

sadovnik/ansible-role-mongodb 0

Ansible role to configure MongoDB

sadovnik/ansible-role-php7 0

Ansible Role - PHP 7

sadovnik/anycable 0

Polyglot replacement for Ruby WebSocket servers with Action Cable protocol

sadovnik/anycable-go 0

Anycable Go WebSocket Server

sadovnik/anycablebility 0

AnyCable conformance testing tool