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Sirojiddin Mustafayev sSimuSs Rochwin Uzbekistan, Tashkent

sSimuSs/agroplace 0

Ready for deploy project written in Python/Django

sSimuSs/django-helpsite 0

Minified help site. python/django

sSimuSs/django-sphinxql 0

Sphinx search in Django

sSimuSs/livego 0

live video streaming server in golang

sSimuSs/messenger 0

Package messenger is used for making bots for use with Facebook messenger

sSimuSs/pygrabbers 0

parsers written in Python

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Sirojiddin Mustafayev

commit sha 1afc97cb6a7a69571fce9ef7365bcec52fe217e5


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commit sha f51c5b607061ef374f69b74b654f1d1136e97c2c

poetry, django-environ, django 3.2.6 configured, code improving

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