Sylvain TEDOLDI s-ted @LknDesign Villeurbanne

s-ted/liPGN 14

This program uses the lichess REST API to retrieve all the games of a user and transform them into a big PGN file that you can then import into your favourite game analysis tool (ie. scid)

s-ted/canduma-async 0

A Rust Boilerplate server with GraphQL API, Diesel, PostgreSQL, session authentication and JWT using async/await.

s-ted/cubane 0

A Leiningen template for generating a full website project in Clojure + ClojureScript using the cubanostack stack.

s-ted/cubanostack 0

Full stack of cutting edge technology libraries for building a website in Clojure/Script.

s-ted/cublono 0

Agnostic Lisp/Hiccup style templating in ClojureScript.

s-ted/cublono-html 0

Lisp/Hiccup style templating in ClojureScript producing HTML.

s-ted/cublono-quiescent 0

Lisp/Hiccup style templating in ClojureScript producing ReactJS (Quiescent) component.

s-ted/docker-images 0

Sharing our docker images