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Ryan Daniels ryandaniels Canada Ansible all the things

ryandaniels/ansible-role-create-users 54

Manage users on Linux using Ansible

ryandaniels/docker-script-find-latest-image-tag 27

Find Version Tag for Latest Docker Image

ryandaniels/ansible-role-server-update-reboot 16

Update server (Redhat/CentOS or Ubuntu) to latest packages, reboot server, and wait for the server to start up.

ryandaniels/ansible-role-iptables-docker 13

Manage iptables configuration to secure Docker (and Docker Swarm) using Ansible

ryandaniels/ansible-role-connectivity-test 8

Ansible Role to test for network issues to specified IP and port (TCP or UDP) from your Ansible hosts

ryandaniels/ansible-role-firewalld 8

Manage firewalld configuration using Ansible

ryandaniels/wp-twentytwenty-child-tiny 6

WordPress Twenty Twenty Child theme to reduce heading font size, remove all the extra space around headings and some elements, and increase width of text and content area

ryandaniels/ansible-role-dnsmasq-adblock 5

Use dnsmasq for adblocking with OpenVPN. Use this Ansible role after installing OpenVPN (PiVPN or Streisand, etc) on a RaspberryPi or a VPS for example.

ryandaniels/ansible-role-server-yum-check-update 2

Ansible role to check for linux package updates


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started time in 17 days