Ravi Yadav ryadav88 Mesosphere Inc. @mesosphere San Francisco, CA Platform Partnerships @Mesosphere @dcos

cockroachdb/dcos-cockroachdb-service 6

Framework for running CockroachDB on Mesosphere DC/OS

mesosphere/support-isv 1

ISV collaboration - A space to create/maintain Triage Guides for Mesosphere Support Engineers

ryadav88/slack-weather 1

A slackbot which takes in a zip code and displays the conditions for that location

debangshuk/examples 0

DC/OS examples

Gupta-Amrit/dcos-commons 0

Simplifying stateful services

realmbgl/dcos-how2marathon 0

Enterprise Grade Marathon Services, Simplified

ryadav88/dcos-docs 0

Documentation for DC/OS