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Sidebars glitching weirdly hot 2
Client crash with GPU plugin and discord screensharing hot 2
Idle notifications doesn't bring client to the front on Windows 10 hot 2
GPU Render Causes The Game to Flicker hot 2
GPU Rendering For Stretched Mode hot 1
Discord Plugin Barb Fishing hot 1
Low FPS using GPU on Fossil Island hot 1
runelite client wont open/fatal error starting runelite hot 1
[Suggestion] Marked Tiles Option: Ability to add text or numbers hot 1
Allow hiding of deceased/0 HP NPC's with the entity hider hot 1
Add an overlay showing total loot value in the looting bag. hot 1
Client Fullscreen Issue - runelite hot 1
Menu Entry Swapper: Quickleaving Pyramid Plunder hot 1
Highlight ground items hot 1
Song of the Elves changes hot 1

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