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Magnus Rundberget rundis

rundis/elm-bootstrap 401

Responsive and reliable web apps with Elm and Twitter Bootstrap

rundis/albums 124

Sample application for my blog series on creating a Single Page CRUD app using Elm and Haskell

rundis/clj-light-refactor 55

Light Table plugin providing refactoring support for clojure

rundis/acme-buddy 46

Sample applications for my blog series on authentication and authorization with buddy

clj-commons/rewrite-cljs 40

Traverse and rewrite Clojure/ClojureScript/EDN from ClojureScript

rundis/ 11

User documentation for Elm Bootstrap

rundis/blog 10

My Personal Blog Space

rundis/elm-autoselect 3

Customizable autocomplete / select with debouncing support etc

rundis/AsciiLight 1

AsciiDoc preview plugin for Light Table

rundis/awesome-electron 1

Useful resources for creating apps with Electron

issue commentrundis/elm-bootstrap

Expose a way to know which tab is active

one workaround might be to use the Browser.navigation module, the chosen tab could be sent as a url hash (nice for deep linking as well). Then you can pick up the active tab and just in time render the view (and fetch needed data, probably with your own custom state handling for pending/success/error states for the remote request(s) etc).


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