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Mark Rossetti rossettistone San Francisco, CA

codeforamerica/howto 129

How To Do Things

codeforamerica/cfapi 110

The Code for America API. Tracks and motivates activity and participation across the civic technology movement.

codeforamerica/brigade 95

The Code for America Brigade Website

codeforamerica/citybook 21

Create a resource directory from a contact spreadsheet.

hayesgm/fuego 12

Transfer files peer-to-peer in the browser

Irma-Response/irma-api 9

Irma Needs API, a fork of Harvey Needs

codeforamerica/redirect 6

Redirect places.

codeforamerica/inspector-gadget 3

[UNMAINTAINED] Building inspection scheduling and planning tool for the City of Long Beach

codeforamerica/nyc-poverty-visualization 3

Benefits calculator / visualization tool created by the NYC 2016 fellows team as an introductory project.


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