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Jeff Rose rosejn Origin Rose Boulder, Colorado, USA

mikera/core.matrix 649

core.matrix : Multi-dimensional array programming API for Clojure

nuroko/nurokit 227

Toolkit for machine learning in Clojure

rosejn/byte-spec 50

A declarative DSL for reading and writing binary file formats in Clojure.

ghostandthemachine/sketchpad 27

GSoC - overtone-sketchpad project

nuroko/nurokore 18

Java APIs and standard implementations for machine learning

rosejn/flocking 14

clojure boids with quill

rosejn/clj-libs 13

Some Clojure library projects...

ghostandthemachine/lein-cljsnwk 9

A lein new template for creating node-webkit and Clojurescript applications

rosejn/jazz-experiments 7

Overtone experiments in generating jazz progressions.

rosejn/lambda-tone 5

Overtone jams

PR opened Convex-Dev/convex


Just fixing a typo...

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Jeff Rose

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Update Just fixing a typo...

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Convex Main Repository

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issue commentOlical/conjure

Improve Clojure goto definition support

Ah ok, it does seem to be working for me now, but when I posted this issue I think it was only working for files within my current project. I'll keep an eye on it in the future and try to post a more useful issue if it pops up again. Thanks!

On Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 4:21 AM Oliver Caldwell ***@***.***> wrote:

I'm going to close this since there already is go to def support, unless it's not working for some cases? Neovim can (and does in my experience) open the source files of libraries from within JARs since they're just zip files and vim can open a file within a zip file for editing.

If that's working for you but you'd like it to go further and actually unzip the file for some other reason then I don't think I can support that. It sounds like too complex of an operation with too much filesystem work for my liking.

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PR opened clojure/core.cache

Fixing a typo

Just adding a missing z to initialized.

Hi! Thanks for your interest in contributing to this project.

Clojure contrib projects do not use GitHub issues or pull requests, and require a signed Contributor Agreement. If you would like to contribute, please read more about the CA and sign that first (this can be done online).

Then go to this project's issue tracker in JIRA to create tickets, update tickets, or submit patches. For help in creating tickets and patches, please see:

  • Signing the CA:
  • Creating Tickets:
  • Developing Patches:
  • Contributing FAQ:
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Jeff Rose

commit sha 1cef7a6ab207031e006c2161a231fe32bdcb88a4

Fixing a typo Just adding a missing z to initialized.

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fork rosejn/core.cache

A caching library for Clojure implementing various cache strategies

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issue openedOlical/conjure

Improve Clojure goto definition support

Since clojure libs on the classpath tend to contain the source code in jar files, it seems like we should be able to unzip the jar into a temporary directory and then jump to the definition in a buffer. This would really help when working with new libraries. If you want to point me in the right direction or let me know how you'd like this to be done I'm happy to help.

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PR opened clojure-vim/vim-jack-in

Cljs command

This adds a :Cljs command that kicks off shadow-cljs with the standard command.

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create barnchrosejn/vim-jack-in

branch : cljs

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PR opened clojure-vim/vim-jack-in

Updating repl cmdline

This updates the repl command line to the most recent recommended form, which gets rid of warnings. It also makes the repl interactive by default so that you can both connect to it with Conjure as well as interact with it.

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create barnchrosejn/vim-jack-in

branch : interactive-repl

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cider-jack-in for vim

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