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Ronnie Overby ronnieoverby Olo Lexington, NC

ronnieoverby/AsyncBinaryReaderWriter 20

AsyncBinaryReader and AsyncBinaryWriter for .NET

ronnieoverby/blue-imp-upload-aspnet-mvc 10

Implementation of the blueimp jquery file upload plugin ( in ASP.NET MVC

ronnieoverby/AtomicUtils 7

Utilities for Atomic Amplifire

ronnieoverby/CefSharpTest 1

testing cefsharp3 webview for wpf

ronnieoverby/2016-03-triad-js-tools-demo 0

Demo for Triad JS presentation

ronnieoverby/30-days-of-elixir 0

A walk through the Elixir language in 30 exercises.

ronnieoverby/Akka.Mailbox.Bug 0

Demonstrates issue with priority mailbox

ronnieoverby/angular-qr 0

Dynamic QR code generator for AngularJS