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Log4j security issues

Hi @udp

thank for your reply. First of all that sounds good. But I found this:

Log4j version 1.x is not directly vulnerable, because it does not offer a JNDI look up mechanism. However, Log4j 1.x comes with JMSAppender, which will perform a JNDI lookup if enabled in Log4j's configuration file (i.e., or log4j.xml). Thus, an attacker who can write to an application's Log4j configuration file can perform a remote code execution attack whenever Log4j 1.x reads its malicious configuration file. Source:

Is the JMSAppender disabled in OLS/OxO?


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Log4j security issues

Dear OLS team, Dear @henrietteharmse, Dear @udp,

did you think there are any problems in context of the Log4j security issues for OLS? OLS is using an older version of Apache Solr. As far as I know that is a problem because Solr uses Log4j. That sounds for me it could be critical to use OLS.

So is there a way to upgrade or disable this functionality to get rid of the risk of this issue?

I'm looking forward,


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