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Romain Bouyé romainbou @ldsec Software Engineer

MyMiniFactory/task-actioner 4

Task consumer for RabbitMQ calling a Docker container on demand

ericallard0/KnockKnock 2

KnockKnock is a simple tool to view who's connected on your network.

romainbou/isE2EE 2

Is it End-to-end Encrypted?

MyMiniFactory/pluggable-meshroom 1

Wrapper for Meshroom to use with the task actionner

romainbou/bezierCurve 1

Create SVG Bézier curves using control points

monchi59/lab-ftp-server 0

A very simple FTP Server implemented in C

PumpkinSeed/myminifactory-oauth-examples 0

Example connection for MyMiniFactory Authservice

romainbou/api-documentation 0

Documentation for the Paymium API v1

romainbou/blockchain-bitcoin-talk-slides 0

Présentation de la Blockchain lors du meetup Bitcoin Talk #4

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create barnchldsec/medco

branch : nginx-security-update

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