Android audio forwarding (scrcpy, but for audio)



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Can't install sndcpy.apk - sndcpy hot 188
java.lang.SecurityException: You need the android.permission.INSTALL_GRANT_RUNTIME_PERMISSIONS - sndcpy hot 58
Audio delay hot 45
Android 9 support will be awesome-with zoom call sound forward - sndcpy hot 44
OBS issue hot 15
Audio delay hot 15
Requires newer sdk version #29 (current version is #24) hot 13
sndcpy waiting for connection hot 12
Can't Install Sndcpy [Mac OS Catalina] hot 11
SNDCPY closes after I press Enter hot 9
sndcpy: The system cannot find the path specified. hot 8
pubg mobile sound didnt play - sndcpy hot 7
Doesn't work on Xiaomi Mi 9t (MIUI Global 12.0.3) and Windows 10 (2004) hot 7
Success in connection but audio not playing in pc hot 7
how can i control my sound in vlc hot 6

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