Rocky Madden rockymadden Pale Blue Dot Into learning, algorithms, and types.

char0n/ramda-adjunct 517

Ramda Adjunct is the most popular and most comprehensive set of functional utilities for use with Ramda, providing a variety of useful, well tested functions with excellent documentation.

rockymadden/gap 82

:nut_and_bolt: Fix default Google Analytics tracking methodologies and track micro user behaviors.

rockymadden/circleci-cli 73

:vertical_traffic_light: Powerful CircleCI CLI via pure bash

rockymadden/canvas-lms-cloud 43

:cloud: Automagically configure, deploy, and host the open source Canvas LMS on everything from simple local virtual machine instance to a horizontally scaling, fault-tolerant, load balanced private cloud.

rockymadden/lti.js 17

:mortar_board: Learning Tools Interoperability Node library.

rockymadden/delimited 12

:rocket: Simple CSV I/O for Scala. Read, write, validate, and transform. Do so line-by-line, all-at-once, or via streams.

rockymadden/github-crypt 12

:octocat: Send encrypted messages to GitHubers via their SSH public key

rockymadden/ 11

:tada: Upload files to Droplr via the command line.

rockymadden/canvas-lms.js 5

Functional Node wrapper for the open source Canvas LMS REST API.

rockymadden/dotfiles 4

:neckbeard: Personal dotfiles