digidem/mapeo-mobile 67

Monitor and document the world around you

digidem/react-mapfilter 26

Visualizing, exploring, filtering and printing geographic data and geotagged photos and video

lexspoon/scalagwt-gwt 17

This repository holds a temporary fork of GWT to add support for Scala.

lexspoon/scalagwt-scala 11

Temporary fork of Scala for supporting Scala+GWT.

digidem/osm-p2p-observations 6

p2p database for monitoring observations

digidem/html5-image-cache 4

Caches images in HTML5 localstorage for offline webapps

digidem/smart-data-table 3

React component for a table of responses from monitoring data

robheittman/cloud_assets 3

Use Rails assets from sources in the cloud

robheittman/cocoon 1

Dynamic nested forms using jQuery made easy; works with formtastic, simple_form or default forms