Robert Wallis robert-wallis Oregon Software Engineer since 1998. (my opinions do not reflect those of my employer)

robert-wallis/ECSLight 18

A lightweight Entity Component System in a portable library.

robert-wallis/Clock-On-Top 4

A clock that is always on top, for MacOS. So you can hide the menu bar and dock.

robert-wallis/Cheatin-Words 3

Go Language website on App Engine for cheating at Words With Friends

robert-wallis/elm-linear-algebra 3

Fast Linear Algebra for Elm.

robert-wallis/docker-intellij-ce 2

Run IntelliJ CE inside Docker

robert-wallis/GameJamKit 2

Unity3D open-source kit for quick starting a game jam.

robert-wallis/Auto-Layout-Cookbook 1

Updated Apple iOS Auto Layout Cookbook

robert-wallis/awssign.go 1

An Amazon Web Services AWS signing client. Doesn't try to do too much, just signs and/or sends the request.

robert-wallis/fix-chronolapse-filenames 1

Changes the filenames of all the jpgs in the current folder to a sequential number.

robert-wallis/gitignore 1

A collection of useful .gitignore templates


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