confluentinc/cp-docker-client-test-cluster 2

Dockerized cluster to be used for local integration testing

rnpridgeon/lambda_s3_kafka 2

AWS Lambda function to get events in Kafka topic when files are uploaded to S3

rigelbm/kafka-rest 0

Confluent REST Proxy for Kafka

rnpridgeon/asynckafka 0

Fast kafka client for asyncio

rnpridgeon/avro 0

Apache Avro for Golang

rnpridgeon/camus 0

Mirror of Linkedin's Camus

rnpridgeon/clients_dev 0

Minimal tooling used for librdkafka derived client development.

rnpridgeon/common 0

Common utilities library containing metrics, config and utils

rnpridgeon/confluent-kafka-dotnet 0

Confluent's Apache Kafka .NET client

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Ryan P

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Add note on accessing UI with docker-compose enviornment

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Ryan P

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Fix typo in docker-compose for fe service

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Introduction to Vue3, typescript and tailwinds

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