Ryan Smith-Roberts rmsr Heavy Industries Bellingham, WA Making mistakes so you don't have to.

rmsr/python-writev 4

A writev system call wrapper for Python

rmsr/ 1

python script to dicard / trim entire block device

rmsr/ 0

pure-python utility to wrangle android backups

rmsr/docker-dropbox 0

:whale: Dropbox in a Docker image. This works.

rmsr/radialnumberpicker 0

Radial number picker with inline edittext

rmsr/ 0 website

rmsr/sneezymud 0

Ryan's working copy of the official sneezymud repo.

rmsr/spksrc 0

Cross compilation framework to create native packages for the Synology's NAS

rmsr/wmctrl.vim 0

GVim plugin to control fullscreen or maximized for the current window