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aantron/bisect_ppx 222

Code coverage for OCaml and ReScript

rleonid/bau 12

BigArray Utilities

rleonid/graph_terminal_display 8

Display small directed graphs in a terminal

rleonid/dsfo 6

Datasets for OCaml

rleonid/BisectFromOasis 4

Example an OCaml project compiled with Oasis with optional code coverage provided by Bisect

rleonid/bia 3

Bio Informatics Algorithms

rleonid/bigarray_fold_ppx 3

Create monomorphic folds over Bigarrays via ppx.

rleonid/bitset_shootout 2

Micro profiling of OCaml bitset libraries

rleonid/cmath 2

Bindings to special math functions shipped with C.

rleonid/bisect_ppx 1

Code coverage for OCaml.