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Rich Clement richclement Atlanta, GA

richclement/ImageDiff 27

A library for producing diffs of images with highlighting.

richclement/NLog.Redis 8

Redis target for the NLog framework.

richclement/HangFire.TinyIoC 2

HangFire job activator based on TinyIoC Container

richclement/aws-data-lake-sdk 1

An sdk for the AWS data lake.

mitchellsjohnson/CommandCenter 0

Command Center app publishes channels (URLs) to distributed locations for operational monitoring

richclement/angular-realworld-example-app 0

Exemplary real world application built with Angular

richclement/aurelia-asp-net 0

A starter kit for building a standard navigation-style app with Aurelia and ASP.NET 5 Web API

richclement/cs-schtick 0

A C# scheduled task runner built on Schyntax.

richclement/cs-schtick.redis 0

A distributed scheduled task runner built on Schyntax and Redis for locking.

richclement/docker-node 0

Official Docker Image for Node.js :whale: :turtle: :rocket: