Rhys Powell rhysforyou @Bilue Sydney, Australia Web and iOS developer @Bilue. Swift, JS, and Rust fan

Qata/BarMagnet 177

An iOS app that interfaces with remote torrent clients

rhysforyou/bs-enzyme 35

Bucklescript bindings for Enzyme

rhysforyou/ApolloSwiftUI 2

A demo of using Apollo Client with SwiftUI

rhysforyou/BarMagnet 1

An iOS app that interfaces with remote torrent clients

rhysforyou/BNF.tmbundle 1

Support for Backus-Naur Form syntax grammars in TextMate

rhysforyou/Crustacean 1

An iOS + Android client for written with React Native

rhysforyou/d3-experiments 1

Data visualisations I've been building to learn D3.js

rhysforyou/AppApp 0

AppApp is an iOS app for It was hastily copy pasted together at 3am.

rhysforyou/AttributedMarkdown 0

Native Markdown Parsing to NSAttributedString on iOS

rhysforyou/base16-ocean-dark-syntax 0

Base16 Ocean Dark for Atom

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Rhys Powell

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UOW proxy guide should explain how to revert settings

A lot of the proxy setup instructions need to be reverted when you get back onto a regular network, I either need to include guides on how to revert these settings or write some sort of script that can toggle them easily.

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Rhys Powell

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update software versions

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Rhys Powell

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Eryk Napierała

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chore(deps): upgrade deps BREAKING CHANGE: require bs-platform 8 and reason-react 0.9.0

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Eryk Napierała

commit sha edded403d742521e35c9f188b9d30ef3926372a1

chore(platform): rewrite to JSX 3 BREAKING CHANGE: it won't work with JSX 2 anymore

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Rhys Powell

commit sha 720334909d1222806545b4a842e8f33b86bbf9ff

Merge pull request #29 from rhysforyou/feature/jsx3 JSX 3 & bs-platform@8

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JSX 3 & bs-platform@8
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