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rhurling/wchh14-session-plan 4

Persönlicher WordCamp Hamburg Session Planer (via JS LocalStorage)

rhurling/wordcamp-web-app 2

A Web app for all WordCamps, using the REST API

rhurling/plex-missing-eps 1

Automatically exported from

rhurling/angular-named-routes 0

Named Routes for angular. Helping developers achieving D.R.Y in angular

rhurling/crazy-lazy 0

Lazy load images. Simple to use: Activate, done. Search engine and noscript user friendly.

rhurling/docker-mods 0

Documentation and Examples of base container modifications

rhurling/docker-wordpress-php7.3-apache-xdebug 0

push eventrhurling/kasapi-php

Rouven Hurling

commit sha 49bf9353026651d5bd16458f6f24acbe0a58452c

Add option $autoDelayApiCalls to KasConfiguration constructor. Defaults to false to preserve backwards compatibility.

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Rouven Hurling

commit sha 7109f56690a940a940e989c677a4c4465ae5c96c

Add automatic delay for api calls if KasConfiguration option is true. Using KasConfiguration->_autoDelayApiCalls and sleep it waits till the next possible time for an api call (blocking). Next Available Time is saved after each call in $nextCallTimestamp.

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Jan Dittrich

commit sha a9cb643dee81d90662f72d619eae6d0eb6e18f9e

Update composer.json to require the soap extension

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Daniel Herrmann

commit sha f023375931c4abbbcc9543083ce9fcba9bf9ad01

Merge pull request #13 from jan-di/master Update composer.json to require the soap extension

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Daniel Herrmann

commit sha fe983f94d8bbc9a62d2992972c2d61654d57d64e

Merge pull request #11 from rhurling/patch-issue-10 Implementing automatic KasFloodDelay management (fixes #10)

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delete branch : patch-issue-10

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