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reyammer/shellnoob 575

A shellcode writing toolkit

lukeFalsina/Grab-n-Run 414

Grab’n Run, a simple and effective Java Library for Android projects to secure dynamic code loading.

PaoloMonti42/salt 101

SALT - SLUB ALlocator Tracer for the Linux kernel

ubeacsec/Silverdog 59

An audio firewall for Chrome!

reyammer/dexware 17

iCTF 2013 service based on a DalvikVM

reyammer/a11y-flag-secure-poc 8

POC to test FLAG_SECURE vs a11y

lukeFalsina/learnDCL 5

A simple scaffolding project that will help you understand how to use dynamic code loading in Android and how to migrate your code to Grab'n Run API.


started time in 3 months