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Revence Kalibwani revence27 Scyfy Technologies Entebbe, Uganda

revence27/iFundArts 5

The iFundArts Crowd-funding Website

revence27/coffee-script 4

Unfancy JavaScript

revence27/inSCALE-PerMinute 2

VHT aid for measuring per-minute frequencies (such as heartbeat or breathing rate).

revence27/Billiard 1

Billiard sits between a telco IN (tested with Huawei IN) and arbitrary scripts which connect via TCP sockets.

revence27/Bitly-hs 1 library for Haskell

revence27/Cache-Toi 1

Basically, it enables your Google App Engine apps to exploit client-side caching without much effort on your part.

revence27/catarse 1

The first open source crowdfunding platform for creative projects in the world

revence27/ConcLog 1

A Concurrent Logger in Haskell

revence27/Configs 1

My simple, common config files

revence27/Cristal2 1

An SMPP Gateway