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remggo/ProgrammersQWERTZ 3

A Keyboard Layout based on Standard German QWERTZ with the addition of the neo-layout layer 3 & 4.

remggo/calibre 0

The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager

remggo/Daily-Reddit-Wallpaper 0

Changes your wallpaper to most upvoted image of the day on /r/wallpapers or from any other subreddit on system startup.

remggo/hpx 0

The C++ Standards Library for Concurrency and Parallelism

remggo/hyperion 0

This is my fork of Hyperion ( Purpose of this repository is to add Blinkstick ( support.

remggo/LaTeX_Thesis_Template 0

A basic template for a Thesis document in LaTeX

remggo/Org-Mode-Thesis 0

Write your thesis completely in Emacs' Org-Mode. Supports multiple output PDFs for Notes/Schedule/Thesis

remggo/rlog 0

rlog logs stdin to a rotating log file, written in Rust