atom re5et Bellingham, WA

re5et/itail 33

An interactive tail mode that allows you to filter the tail with unix pipes and highlight the contents of the tailed file. Works locally or on remote files using tramp.

re5et/emux 24

emacs terminal multiplexer

radamant/robut-rdio 12

A client/server RDIO plugin for Robut

re5et/jsxon 3

JSX object notation, converts simple js objects into JSX

mikelovesrobots/free_range_monsters 2

Free Range Monsters is a roguelike create-your-own-monster adventure

re5et/.dotfiles 2

my base configuration files

re5et/github-repo-widgets 2

MooTools plugin to fetch repo info from github and create a widget or hovercards.

re5et/Lighter 2

MooTools based Syntax Highlighter

pull request commentRasCarlito/axios-cache-adapter

Fix bundle size and rebuild dist

I was just noticing that this was considerably bigger than I was expecting in my webpack bundle. Looking forward to this and thanks for your work on this adapter!


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