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Ryan Watters rdwatters Rightpoint Consulting Dallas, TX Content strategist, STM publisher, frontend development hobbyist, unabashed nerd.

rdwatters/hugo-starter 31

Hugo Starter with Gulp Asset Pipeline, SVG Icons, partials for global components, metadata, and social.

rdwatters/hugo-docs-concept 19

NO LONGER MAINTAINED. See the official Hugo docs at /gohugoio/hugoDocs

rdwatters/theme-starter-hugo 7

Starter source organization for creating a new Hugo theme with Gulp asset pipeline

rdwatters/hugo-story 2

Port of "Story" theme from

rdwatters/gulp-starter 1

Basic gulp starter with browser-sync, gulp-sass (with bourbon and neat mixins), live-reload (with css injection), local server, js concat/uglify, starter partials for sass

rdwatters/hugo-smooth 1

New Hugo theme based on smoothstate.js

rdwatters/ryans-hugo-theme 1

Potential Hugo theme being ported from separate project

rdwatters/cap16-less-files 0

Quick git repo for CAP16 Annual Meeting Less Files

rdwatters/content-staging 0

Small, temporary staging area for content.